Album Painting


Just finished up a cover for Emblem’s new album, The Dark Season. It will be available to download on iTunes soon, but in the meantime they have some tracks streaming on Bandcamp. It was a fun project- as my work fits well with their sound in general, they gave me little direction. The best projects are always the ones where they let you paint more-or-less whatever you want. They’ll be at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on May 9th with Matt Pond PA if you’re in the area- that’s certainly bound to be a good show.

Here are some process photos:



My 10 Favorite Contemporary Book Illustrators

ImageBook illustration has been an obsession of mine as long as I can remember. Though considered mostly the domain of children, there are so many artists whose work transcends the age gap, turning a simple story into something that can be enjoyed by adults as well.  Here are ten of my very favorite illustrators who are working today. Hopefully they inspire you as much as they do me.
Jen CoracejencoraceHer impressively-wrought watercolors at once evoke the peace and pathos of childhood. She has a large catalog of gallery work as well, that highlights her wonderful sense of composition and color.

Shaun TanshauntanShaun Tan’s most impressive work, The Arrival, is somewhere between a graphic novel and a silent movie. It is the story of immigrants, and tells the story wordlessly, relying on fantastical imagery to convey the feeling of being an outsider in a new world. Though this story relies on soft graphite drawings, his other work is done in almost every medium under the sun and is very experimental.

David Weisner davidweisnerDavis Weisner’s work makes use of his realistic, classically American style to portray fantastical happenings in a convincing way. This image is from June 29, 1999, a story about the day giant vegetables fell from the sky. Another wonderful book, Tuesday, tells the tale of a certain night when frogs took to the air on lily pad flying carpets.

Teagan White teagan whiteI recently discovered Teagan White’s work, but she is rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists. Her soft, warm watercolors recall sunny summer days outside, and her animals are alarmingly cute.

Oliver Jeffers oliver jeffersI just love how oddball his characters are. The landscapes are spare and modernist, and the creatures are loaded with charm.

Carson Ellis carsonellisI couldn’t not include Carson Ellis, arguably one of the most popular illustrators working today. Her work is detailed and naive, while incredibly sophisticated. She has done a lot of work for The Decemberists (she is married to Colin Meloy) and is currently working with him on The Wildwood Chronicles, a series of lovely adventure books.

Renee French renee french
Renee French’s work, though soft and delicate, is still probably not for kids. It reminds me of the cutest, fuzziest horror movie. Most of her pieces revolve around some sort of body horror, or the discomfort of something just off the screen.
William Joyce williamjoyceThese days William Joyce seems to be working mostly on concept art for films (he designed the characters for the recentish movie, Robots) but I’ll always love his work for the characters in The Leaf Men and Dinosaur Bob. His plasticine, atomic age renderings make insects and tin soldiers just as real as the humans that inhabit his books.

Toni DiTerlizzi toni diterlizziHis work is really wonderful. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a YA book-turned-movie that features some of the most beautifully-wrought, dark fantasy art. He excels in character design and elaborate environments.

Isabelle Arsenault isabelle arsenautThis Canadian artist’s work is so soft and lovely and sad. She has illustrated several books, my favorite of which is Virginia Wolf. In it, a young Virginia (though not the author) is depressed over the bleakness of life. She overcomes it by using her imagination to light up the darkness.

Who are your favorite illustrators? I love learning about new artists- post yours in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Illustration Friday- Red

Little Red Riding Hood

This week’s theme was “Red” so of course I had to do a drawing of Little Red Riding Hood. This one just kind of evolved as I drew it- she looks a tad feral, doesn’t she? Like she’s been living in the woods instead of just visiting them.

Birthday Card Redo

birthday card

I painted another version of this to sell, but never really thought it lived up to its full potential. Should be up in my Etsy shop in the next few weeks.

Paper Dolls are Now Up in My Etsy Shop!


If you’re interested they can be found here.



And now to clean up the mess I made photographing them…


They Draw and Cook- Buttermilk


I always enjoy looking at the work on They Draw and Cook, but rarely submit anything. Typography isn’t really my strong suit, but I finally decided to finally give it a go. Sticking with a strong image hopefully distracts from my woeful text arrangement…


Here’s a detail of the little floating panna cotta:


Illustration Friday- Spark


Uh oh, I’m on an insect kick again…