Milwaukee Art Marathon- Days 2 and 3

Disheveled Raccoon

Here are my Milwaukee Art Marathon sketches for the past two days. I’ve combined today’s with Illustration Friday’s weekly post, ‘Golden.’ Do I get extra points for multitasking?

Cloudy Beach

Milwaukee Art Marathon- Day One

Girl and Little Bear

First day of submissions for Cream City Illustrators’ 30-day art marathon. Hopefully I’ll post a sketch a day for the entirety of the thing (who knows, though.) Check out more great work here.

Illustration Friday- Mask

MaskedBig projects have taken up a lot of my time so far this summer, and soon I’ll be back to painting more miniatures for jewelry, so for this week’s Illustration Friday I wanted to allow myself something fun and simple. I love doing these soft little pencil drawings- building up the layers of graphite is so soothing, for some reason.

New Fairytale Paintings


I know I haven’t posted in a while, but to be completely honest, I haven’t felt like putting forth the effort. Here, however, are some new paintings.


New Painting- Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red

Remember this? I finally got around to finishing the last few details. The ground was left for last- its always the most frustrating part of a painting, at least for me. There’s a fine line between enough detail to be interesting, and so much that its distracting/ way too much work.

This is one of several pieces that I’ll be displaying at Sparrow Collective for Bay View Gallery Night next month. They’re all based on Grimm’s fairytales- an almost inexhaustible source of material. The story behind this piece is Snow White and Rose Red (not the Snow White you’re thinking of, though.) In it, two sisters, one white as snow and the other red as a rose, befriend a bear as small children. They grow up together, having a splendid time in the forest, until it is revealed that the bear was a prince, transformed by an unpleasant gnome’s spell. Rescued by the girls, the former forest creature marries Snow White (and I guess Rose Red is married to his brother?) It is one of many odd “girls marrying animals who aren’t” stories- the next piece that I’m painting is called ‘Rabbit’s Bride’ and is based on a much stranger story. But more on that later.

Illustration Friday- Vanity


Another Bee Girl


This is part of a gig poster I’m painting for Emblems for their show with Matt Pond PA.