Sneak Peek


Here’s a preview of some new things that will be going up in my Etsy shop soon. Brand new jewelry and a selection of hand painted Moleskine sketchbooks.

fox earrings hedgehog necklace  little owl

(You also may have noticed that I’m playing around with the themes- this is Step One of my blog facelift. There will be a little more to come.)

Etsy Sale


Hello, All! In the interest of clearing out old things to make way for shiny new ones, I’m having a little sale at my Etsy shop. Its 30% off of selected cards and prints. Just click on the ‘Sale’ section.


A Dropout and a New Start


Well, that was fast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with posting every day for the Milwaukee Art Marathon, though I have been drawing or painting every day. Meh, oh well. In the interest of posting here a bit more frequently though, here are some of the sketches I’ve done over the past few days.

Stag Beetle Color Study

Mouse Sketch Cicada Sketch

Late last week I also finished my work for a collaboration with the food blog Reel Cuisine. My post is not up yet (I’ll let you know when it is- should be in two weeks) the site is still worth checking out in the mean time. Here’s a preview of one of the spot illustrations I did:

Parmesan Mountain Goat

New Start:

If anyone reading this frequents my blog (hi Mom) I should also note that I’ll be changing some things up in the next few weeks. I’ve been thinking of ways to keep this site going despite my waxing and waning enthusiasm for posting content. I like the idea of having an art blog, but I don’t like the idea of having a half-assed art blog, which is sort of what this is. It means a lot that so many people have followed me over the years, so I feel like I kind of owe it to myself/everyone to take another shot at making this blog Legit (plus I love to over-think things.) Upcoming changes:

– Blog name & URL. I came up with the name back when I was mainly working in coffee, and thought KateTea (get it? Kate Tea? Instead of Katie? Because I served Tea? *crickets*) was terribly clever. But now its 0% relevant, and has been a consistent source of annoyance.

– Editorial calendar. To combat my ‘ughh, what should I write about now??’ blues, I’ll be (or, trying to. Always trying.) posting regularly scheduled content that I’ve decided upon ahead of time…not the second I sit down at the computer once I remember I have to post something. This will still include Illustration Friday, works in progress and new items. I’d also like to start posting simple DIY projects kind of like the pendant project I posted last year.

– A new template. The setup will definitely be changing. Expect bigger, more lovely pictures and a crisper layout.

I’ll continue to post here, but expect the new stuff to roll out around August 20th. Thanks for sticking around :)

Illustration Friday- Mask

MaskedBig projects have taken up a lot of my time so far this summer, and soon I’ll be back to painting more miniatures for jewelry, so for this week’s Illustration Friday I wanted to allow myself something fun and simple. I love doing these soft little pencil drawings- building up the layers of graphite is so soothing, for some reason.